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Elementary Language Arts

My Homeschool Village's online Language Arts curriculum is designed to engage young minds. Our elementary school curriculum is uniquely customized to fit each child’s needs with flexible structure.  Lessons are designed to help students build confidence and work independently, all while at their own pace. Elementary students have access to different grade levels at a time to review and move forward when needed.

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  • Interactive Online Language Lessons
  • Short Lessons for better retention
  • Worksheets, Videos, Enhancement Programs
  • No Stress Learning - ability to move throughout lessons at the childs learning level

My Homeschool Village's online learning program for your elementary student provides the tools and programs needed to ensure a solid understanding of math skills and concepts.  By providing different tools you are able to teach each child within thier learning style.

1st Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Students will focus on the mastery of pre-reading, writing, vocabulary and developing literacy skills.

Some of first grade learning goals:

  •  blend consonant sounds, vowel and consonant digraphs, and more.
  • Understand phonics concepts
  • Understand composistion
  • Learning to love the story and comprehension
  • Write simple sentences and short stories or paragraphs in chronological order.

2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

As students begin the 2nd grade, the mixed media curriculum continues with building a foundation of comprehnsion and skills. This year will focus on the writing process, along with spelling and vocabulary.

Some of the second grade learning goals:

  • Identifying and correctly using parts of speech
  • Reading simple stories
  • Writing and composition structure
  • Understanding parts of speech

3rd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Third grade English will focus on grammer and writing skill. The lessons are short but impactful keeping the student engaged with easy to understand animated and non animated lessons. Our study tools provide the best in education resources to ensure concept retainability.

Some of third grade learning goals:

  • Word recognition and understanding
  • Making predictions
  • Understanding the Authors purpose
  • Intro to poetry
  • Vocabulary and Spelling

4th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

The fourth grade math curriculum is a user-friendly platform is available to guide students through advancing English concepts. Focusing on arts curriculum lessons focus on parts of speech, similes and metaphors, punctuation, vocabulaty and spelling.

Some of fourth grade learning goals:

  • Rules of spelling
  • Correctly using writing structures
  • Grammer
  • Vocabulary
  • Literature and more

5th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

As the student prepares for middle school, the fith grade language arts curriculum will review the fundamentl skills needed for advancement. Using engaging video lessons and fun practice quizzes, this self-paced course helps young students have fun while studying math. Your 5th grader will  continue to build on the language, vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension skills that students have been learning throughout elementary school. With this kid-friendly course.visual interactive lesson and enrichment tools your child will obtain the skills to prepare them for middle school.

Some of fifth grade learning goals:

  • Word recognition & understaning
  • Stories, myths & speeches
  • Sentence structure & construction
  • Writing Basics & techniques

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