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Elementary Science

My Homeschool Village's online science curriculum will start to build a solid foundation in science with our online curriculum that teaches physical science, life science, Earth/space, and so much more. 

My Homeschool Village's online learning program for your elementary student provides the tools and programs needed to ensure a solid understanding of science concepts.  By providing different tools you are able to teach each child within thier learning style.

Dads can homeschool too!
  • Interactive Online Science Lessons
  • Short Lessons for better retention
  • Worksheets, Videos, Enhancement Programs
  • No Stress Learning - ability to move throughout lessons at the childs learning level

1st Grade Science Curriculum

Students will begin learning about the world around them and the tools used in science. Our lessons encourage a love for learning with our interactive and engaging lessons and activities.

Some of first grade learning goals:

  • Earth/space science
  • States of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
  • Life science (plants, animals, habitats)
  • Solar energy 
  • Weather and patterns
  • Measurement tools

2nd Grade Science Curriculum

As students begin the 2nd grade, the mixed media science curriculum continues with online learning and activities. Students will begin to dive deeper into how the world works.

Some of the second grade learning goals:

  • Ecosystems
  • Plant life
  • Weather
  • Space

3rd Grade Science Curriculum

This 3rd grade science course is a great way to teach elementary school students about science topics such as astronomy, light and sound, scientific investigation and more 

Some of third grade learning goals:

  • Scientific investigation
  • Ecology & Conservation
  • Life Cycles
  • Human Body
  • Classification of Animals

4th Grade Science Curriculum

The fourth grade science curriculum is a user-friendly platform is available to guide students through advancing math concepts. Take advantage of our multiple enrichment tools to help your student master concepts without frustrations! This course is specifically designed to help your 4th grader excel in science class - 

Some of fourth grade learning goals:

  • Energy & matter
  • The solar system
  • Rocks
  • Atmosphere
  • Geology and more

5th Grade Science Curriculum

Using engaging video lessons and fun practice quizzes, this self-paced course helps young students have fun while studying science. Your 5th grader will review important  topics, such as properties and classifications, our visual interactive lessons and enrichment tools your child will obtain the skills to prepare them for middle school.

Some of fourth grade learning goals:

  • Classification of Living things
  • Cell Structure and Processes
  • Chemical and Physical changes and more

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