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Would you like your child to be included in our Minecraft Education Play Time, ages 6 and up?


You may cancel your account at anytime! In order to cancel your paid membership, you MUST email! This is the only way to cancel your account. If your account is automatically cancelled because of a failed payment, in order to keep the same low price, you will have to pay a $25 re-signup fee and catch up on all missing payments. Or, you can automatically re-sign up at the current price, you will not have a 14 day free trial. That is reserved for New members only.

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“My son has been getting his school work done faster than ever so that he can get in on the activities! It just makes the day go by so much faster.”


“I have made my own friends inside the Virtual Village as I have participated with my children! We have found our people! Game night is so much fun!”

Here is what My Home School Village Parents are Saying!

“ child is making so many friends! I love this group SO MUCH.”