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Homeschooling the early years.

Homeschooling For Children Under 5 (and Their Moms)

Getting a Head Start on Homeschooling: Tips for Moms with Tiny Tots

Hello, brilliant mamas of those adorable under-fives! Dreaming of homeschooling your little explorers? Well, you’re in for a fantastic journey! As a seasoned homeschool mom who’s been in the trenches and come out with confetti in my hair, let me give you the inside scoop on prepping your pint-sized future scholars for a home-based education that’s as fun as it is enriching.

1. Dive Into the Wonderful World of Books

Let’s kick things off with books, the gateway to knowledge! Start building your library of colorful, captivating children’s books that you can dive into together. Even if your tot is more likely to eat the book than read it, just cuddle up and read aloud. It’s about hearing words, seeing pictures, and bonding over stories. This early literacy fun sets the stage for a lifelong love of reading.

2. Create Spaces That Spark Curiosity

Who says learning spaces need desks and chalkboards? Not us homeschoolers! Set up creative stations around your home with blocks, arts and crafts materials, and yes, even some mess-friendly science kits. Make these resources accessible for spontaneous educational play. Remember, at this age, learning looks a lot like playing—and that’s perfectly okay!

3. Turn Everyday Moments into Lessons

Life is full of teachable moments—use them! Count those snack crackers, sing about the days of the week, and talk about why the sky is blue. It’s about weaving learning into daily life so seamlessly that your kids don’t even realize they’re getting a lesson. It makes learning natural and an everyday adventure.

4. Social Skills on the Playground

Worried about the big S—socialization? It starts now. Set up playdates, join mommy-and-me groups, or hit the playground regularly. These interactions are crucial for developing those early social skills. Plus, they’re a great way for you to scope out potential homeschool buddies and meet other like-minded parents.

5. Show Off Your Curious Side

Kids are little copycats, and that’s a big advantage! Let them see you engrossed in a book, experimenting with a new recipe, or figuring out how to fix that wobbly chair. Ask questions and find answers together. Showing that learning never stops is one of the best lessons you can give.

6. Ease Into a Routine

While you don’t need military precision at home, a loose routine can work wonders. Set up a rhythm to your day that includes time for different activities. This not only helps manage the daily flow but also gently introduces structure that will be a big part of homeschooling later on.

7. Tap Into the Homeschool Hive Mind

Last but not least, connect with those who’ve been there. Whether it’s through local co-ops, online forums, or friendly neighborhood homeschoolers, gather insights and tips from the pros. It’s comforting to have a community that gets it, and who knows, some of them might just become your homeschool journey lifelines!


Prepping for homeschooling when your kids are still mastering the art of spoon-feeding might seem premature to some, but it’s actually the perfect time to start. Every little activity, every book read, and every curiosity sparked now lays down the stones on the path to a successful and joyful homeschooling experience. So, here’s to you, supermom—ready to guide your tiny tots on an epic educational adventure that starts right in the heart of your home!

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