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$35 homeschool full curriculum prek through high school

My Homeschool Village began as a free resource and coaching group to encourage and inspire other moms (and home educators) in this journey. We soon discovered that many of the homeschooling families needed and wanted better affordable access to online programs, so we set out to work out deals that public schools get for homeschoolers.

We started out slow with just a couple of courses and a few online programs, such as STARFALL… We charged $25 a month – per child

Then, we started making more deals and added Typesy, unlimited printables, more courses and creativebug – those paying $25 a month did NOT get a price increase – yet we began charging $35 a month to all new subscribing members.

Now we have: Starfall, Unlimited Printables, CreativeBug, Generation Genius,, Typsey, Minecraft Education, LIVE TEACHERS, MORE courses for Elementary, Jr & Sr High School, Unit Studies…. and we are at $35 a month/ Per child Again. We did NOT raise the price on our current members.

…. and now… We ARE NOT RAISING THE PRICE … but we are looking to add in a business course, anatomy, and more sciences + live teaching , Summer courses, Science Fair, Online Club activities… Still at $35 a child. And we will not raise the price on our current members even when we add the new programs.

WHY? Because as a homeschooling family we know how hard it is to afford quality education when you have multiple children and we are here to help take that financial stress off your plate!

What about the FREE Programs?

Inside our FREE community (aka the Village) we provide you with access to Friday Freebies and resources.

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