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Find Your Perfect Homeschool Fit with Us!

We get that every family is different. That’s why we offer two awesome programs tailored just for you. Whether you want a cool way for your kids to make friends or a full-on school setup at home, we’ve got you covered!

Virtual Village Kids

Social Club Program

Only $25/month per child

Ready for your kids to meet other homeschoolers who love the same fun stuff they do? Our Social Club Program is all about making friends and having a blast together. Here’s what your kids can jump into:

  • Minecraft Groups: Build, explore, and create cool stuff in the world of Minecraft. It’s all about teamwork and letting your imagination run wild.
  • Book Clubs: Love stories? Our book clubs dive into some great reads and talk all about them. It’s like having a book party every week!
  • Art Clubs: Get messy, get creative, and show off your art skills. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or sculpting, it’s your chance to shine.

This program is perfect if you want your kids to light up with excitement every time they log in!

Homeschool Pro

Full Curriculum Program

Only $35/month per child

If you’re looking for a school that fits right into your home and is built just for your child, check out our Full Curriculum Program. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Tailored Lessons: We make a learning plan that fits just right for your kid, helping them to shine in areas they love and grow in areas they need.
  • Help from Pros: Got questions? Our friendly moms are always ready to help out, keeping your child on track and pumped about learning.
  • Loads of Learning Tools: From math and science to art and even coding, we’ve packed this program with all sorts of cool stuff to learn.

This option is the way to go if you’re all about giving your child a custom school experience that challenges them and fits their style.

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Can't Decide?
Get The Bundle!

$45/month per child

Hey, who says you have to choose just one? If you're torn between our Social Club and Full Curriculum programs, we've got great news—you can mix and match! Get the best of both worlds with our Bundle option.

Double the Fun, Double the Learning

  • Make Friends & Master Skills: They can build epic structures in Minecraft and then switch gears to tackle math problems—all in one day.
  • Books & Brains: Jump from discussing the latest book club pick to diving into personalized science experiments. It’s a whirlwind of learning and fun!
  • Art Meets Arithmetic: Today’s masterpiece could be a painting, and tomorrow’s could be cracking a tough algebra problem. We keep both the right and left brain buzzing!

Why Settle for One When You Can Have It All?

Choosing our Bundle means your child gets the flexibility of hanging out with new friends in our clubs while also crushing their custom curriculum. It’s perfect for families who:

  • Want their kids to grow socially and academically.
  • Love the idea of a tailored education but don’t want to miss out on the fun.
  • Are looking for a homeschool experience that checks all the boxes.

Ready to give your child a supercharged homeschool experience? Sign up for our Bundle program today and watch them thrive in a community that’s as excited about learning as they are about having fun!

Why Us?

We’re more than just a homeschool program—we’re a family. And we’re excited to welcome you! We’ve been where you are, and we’re passionate about not just teaching kids, but inspiring them to grab life by the horns and learn with gusto. Join us, and let’s make homeschooling a joyride of discovery and friendship!

Excited to get started? Reach out to us today to chat more about what you’re looking for or to jump into one of our programs!

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