Debunking Homeschool Socialization Myths

I want to homeschool but I am worried my kids will be lonely

Social Butterflies or Wallflowers? Debunking Homeschool Socialization Myths Hey there, rockstar homeschool parents! Let’s dive into a hot topic that seems to stick to homeschooling like gum on a shoe: socialization. If you’re tossing and turning at night worrying whether your homeschooled kiddo will turn into a social wallflower, let me put those fears to…

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Am I Qualified to Teach My Child If I Homeschool?

You are qualified to homeschool

Are You Qualified to Homeschool? Spoiler Alert: You Bet You Are! Hey there, trailblazing homeschool parent! Are you grappling with the nagging question: “Am I really qualified to teach my kids?” Well, let me toss that worry out the window faster than last week’s leftovers. You are absolutely equipped to lead your little learners on…

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Can I Request My Child’s School Records? Yes, Here’s How!

Do you have a right to request your child's public school records?

Can I Request My Child’s School Records? Yes, Here’s How! Hello, fabulous parents! Are you diving into the world of homeschooling or just needing to make an informed decision about your child’s education? If you’re stepping into this journey, you might find yourself asking, “Can I actually get my hands on my kid’s school records?”…

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