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Meet Your Homeschool Guides

Meet Rebecca and Heather, your go-to homeschool guides with a whopping 40 years of combined experience and a team of nine children between them. They’ve teamed up not just because they're seasoned pros at juggling textbooks and tantrums, but also to offer the same kind of warm, experienced guidance that helped them when they started their homeschooling journeys. Friendly and full of wisdom, they’re here to help you navigate your homeschool adventure with a smile!

Meet our Fearless Leader

Rebecca Stromsdorfer has spent over two decades mastering the art of answering mind-boggling math questions and finding lost science projects as a seasoned homeschool mom to five children. Happily married to her best friend for over 24 years, she’s navigated the joys and perils of both marriage and homeschooling without losing her sanity—or so she claims.

Rebecca’s true passion lies in empowering other homeschooling mothers to discover not just the joys of educational crafts at 7 AM, but also the deeper fulfillment found in their roles as women, wives, and mothers. When she's not drafting her next book or lighting up the stage as a speaker, she's creating content that offers both wisdom and laughter, sharing tools that promise less chaos and more sparkle in the daily grind of motherhood.

With a Diet Coke in hand, Rebecca transforms everyday moments into lessons of patience and humor, proving that the real ‘core curriculum’ she teaches includes mastering the delicate art of a perfectly timed joke.

Rebecca Strömsdörfer

Homeschool mom 5 kids

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