Why MIT LOVES Homeschoolers

MIT loves homeschoolers. Read to learn more

Why MIT and Homeschoolers Are a Match Made in Geek Heaven Hey there, future innovators and garage tinkerers! If you’ve been doodling robots in the margins of your math workbook or programming your home to make your breakfast, I’ve got some electrifying news for you: MIT is totally into that—and into homeschoolers like you. Why,…

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$35 homeschool full curriculum prek through high school

My Homeschool Village began as a free resource and coaching group to encourage and inspire other moms (and home educators) in this journey. We soon discovered that many of the homeschooling families needed and wanted better affordable access to online programs, so we set out to work out deals that public schools get for homeschoolers.…

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Why We Homeschool Year-Round

Homeschool is best done in the summer when our children's minds are as active as their bodies

Year-Round Homeschooling: Why We Ditch the Summer Break and Keep the Learning Party Going Hello, fellow homeschoolers! Ever wonder why some of us choose to keep the school vibe alive all summer long? Well, grab a cup of your favorite iced drink because I’m about to spill the beans on why year-round homeschooling is the…

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Homeschool Stats That Will Make You Smile

Homeschooler have a leg up and here is why

Homeschooling by the Numbers: Surprising Stats That’ll Make You Smile Ever find yourself cornered at a family gathering or neighborhood party, defending your decision to homeschool? Well, arm yourself with a slice of pie and these juicy statistics, because homeschooling isn’t just a quirky alternative anymore—it’s producing some pretty impressive results. Academic Achievements That Turn…

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Homeschooler Have An Edge When Going To College

Homeschoolers not only have no problem getting into college, they are actively sought out.

Why Homeschoolers Might Just Have the Inside Track to College Let’s talk turkey about homeschoolers and college admissions. You might think that the traditional high school pathway is the express lane to Ivy League and top-tier universities, but guess what? Homeschoolers are not only keeping pace—they’re often zooming right past their traditionally schooled peers. And…

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