Let It Go, Let It Go.

Spring is the perfect time to let go of the text books and learn from real life

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Ditching That Expensive Curriculum Spring is in the air, and if you’re anything like me—a seasoned homeschooling mom with more than a few gray hairs from past curriculum battles—you might be eyeing that pricey curriculum you bought in September with a sigh of regret. Yes, it looked perfect on…

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The Crucial Role of Fathers in Homeschooling

Explore the transformative impact of fathers in homeschooling. Learn how dads can enhance education, promote gender equality, strengthen family bonds, and support maternal well-being through their active involvement.

The Essential Role of Fathers in Homeschooling: A Transformative Influence Homeschooling has traditionally been viewed as primarily the domain of mothers, but the involvement of fathers can significantly enhance the educational experience and strengthen family bonds. This blog post explores the vital role that fathers can play in homeschooling and how their engagement can positively…

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Homeschool Tips From Veteran Homeschool Mom

Recap of Our Live Session at My Homeschool Village Welcome and Introduction In our recent live session, we welcomed viewers to My Homeschool Village, sharing our experiences from the Cincinnati, Ohio Great Homeschool Convention. Despite a slight hiccup with YouTube, we were excited to go live on several platforms, discussing the wealth of resources we…

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Homeschooling: The Secret to Teen Smiles (and Sanity!)

How to homeschool happy teens

As a homeschooling mom with a household of teens, I’ve discovered the not-so-secret recipe for happier teenagers, and let me tell you, it doesn’t involve locking them in a room with algebra textbooks (though, that is tempting on some days). Homeschooling, my friends, is where it’s at, and I’m here to share the inside scoop,…

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